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The Death Marked Series

To the immortal Adrassans emotion is a human weakness. Sentinels, peacekeepers, they have worked for two millennia to save the world from itself, carefully shaping it into the image of their goddess. A legacy built on a lie. They are about to discover that humanity is not the danger. No, the real enemy lurks among them, a truth that could destroy everything.

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Writing Resources

Writing isn’t easy. I’ve assembled a list of tools, tips, and tricks for aspiring authors designed to help you push through the resistance and develop a strong writing strategy. The world is waiting for your unique story. Coming soon: world-building guide and templates, book marketing primer, and a step-by-step breakdown of the self-publishing process.

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About the Author

My love affair with books started early and led to many hours tucked away in my local library. Ultimately it was the fantasy genre that captured my heart and I have channeled that passion into telling stories of my own. Fast forward 29 years and I have built a career as a content marketing strategist and dedicated myself to helping other aspiring authors on their writing journey.

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