The Death Marked Series

To the immortal Adrassans, emotion is a human weakness. Sentinels, peacekeepers, they have worked for two millennia to save the world from itself, carefully shaping it into the image of their goddess.

A legacy built on a lie.

They are about to discover that humanity is not the danger. No, the real enemy lurks among them, a truth that could destroy everything.

Death Marked
(Death Marked #1)

Release Date: Summer 2018

Follow young Camdin as she descends into the twisted caverns beneath the Adrassan capital city. Will she prove herself worthy of the Goddess’s blessing? Or does a darker fate await her in the shadowed corners of the subterranean world?

Dark Harvest
(Death Marked #2)

death marked

Anticipated Release: Winter 2018

Description coming soon.

(Death Marked #3)

death marked

Anticipated Release: Spring 2019

Description coming soon.

(Death Marked #4)

death marked

Anticipated Release: Summer 2019

Description coming soon. 

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