The Death Marked Series

To the immortal Adrassans emotion is a human weakness. Sentinels, peacekeepers, they have worked for two millennia to save the world from itself, carefully shaping it into the image of their goddess.

A legacy built on a lie.

They are about to discover that humanity is not the danger. No, the real enemy lurks among them, a truth that could destroy everything.

Death Marked (Death Marked #1)

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The Rite of Descent.

Sixteen-year-old Camdin has spent her entire life preparing for this day. Her people’s most sacred tradition, she is to enter the Hollows, the network of caverns below the city, and form a pact with one of her ancestors.

Pacts are powerful, granting abilities that she can use to distinguish herself in the service of Suria, the Adrassan patron goddess.

After obtaining her pact, Cam will return an adult bound for the Adrassan military, a chance to see the world beyond the capital’s high walls. Joining the military will also allow her to spend more time with Mikala, the older half-sister she has seen little of for the past ten years. All she has to do is make it through the next 20 days.

Upon entering the Hollows, Cam’s aspirations gutter as, one by one, the other candidates start to disappear. Alone in the dark, she finds herself facing the most ancient of foes: death itself.

No matter the outcome, Cam will emerge forever changed. Even an immortal Adrassan cannot hope to tangle with death and remain unmarked.